River’s Edge Hotel & Spa

The River’s Edge Hotel, situated between the lush riverfront and rolling hills and perched at the edge of the city, is a unique close-in getaway for locals and visitors. SERA along with HRI Properties will renovate the interiors, which includes refreshing the hotel spa, lobby, restaurant and 101 guest rooms. A high-end market featuring local goods and a communal space for wine tasting and happy hour will also be added. Nestled in the calm, tree-lined stretch of the Willamette River, the waterfront locale inspired SERA to reimagine the property as a luxe urban resort, utilizing bold colors, high contrast, saturated patterns, and a nod to timeless textures to activate and enliven the space. The transformation simplifies the design, creating an impactful, elegant guest experience.

Similarly, the design of the restaurant takes visual cues from the surrounding nautical location. SERA developed a minimalist palette of darker, saturated colors with shiplap wood and rope details to create an intimate, moody dining experience.

Sustainable features include low VOC materials and LED lighting. In addition, the design draws from an ever-present biophilic inspiration with natural materials, biophilic patterns and large, over-scale botanicals.