Modera Pearl

Located on the expanding edge of Portland’s Pearl District, Modera Pearl is a new housing development that will activate this transforming neighborhood. The nine-story urban development features 290 market-rate apartments, 219 underground parking stalls, and over 400 bicycle parking spaces. The overarching goal is to achieve a responsible and engaging urban building that is also an exceptional place to live.

The building’s design creates a contemporary expression of this warehouse district’s industrial past. Exterior design elements include a dark brick façade on one wing to convey weight and gravity, staggered punched window openings, and the use of a raised loading dock element in lieu of a sidewalk. A two-story amenity suite is located at the 8th & 9th floors, expressed as a penthouse form and urban focal point, and takes advantage of exceptional 270 degree views of the city. It is accessible to all building residents, with a demonstration kitchen, dining and lounge room, game room, a small pool, and exercise and yoga studios. A wine storage and tasting room and media/theater room offer a quiet, more intimate area for residents to gather.

The project is targeting LEED Silver certification through a combination of energy savings and integrated sustainable design elements. The majority of the building will be covered with over 28,000 sf of green roof. For the small percentage of roof area dedicated to mechanical and amenity space, the stormwater will be captured and channeled to the central courtyard’s stormwater garden, showcased through exposed splash blocks and touch pools. The south facing courtyard is also the initial outdoor amenity space for the tenants, reaching outward to engage the adjacent green street feature, blurring the line between public and private, and drawing residents into the heart of the building.