Sravya Garladenne

Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
M. Urban & Regional Planning (Portland State University), M. Urban Design (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) and B. Architecture (VNIT, Nagpur)

Top 3 travel destinations
Hawaii, Paris and New York City

Favorite hangout spot
Washington Park

One thing I like about working at SERA
At SERA, I’m filled with this wonderful sense of empowerment and faith that I can, indeed, make a difference through my work.

Car, bike or bus

Fondest childhood memory
Summer vacations at my grandparents’ in India, which involved a lot of mango-eating

Time of day I’m most creative
After my morning coffee or late at night, but not both.

One thing that would improve our city
An active riverfront (both sides of the Willamette) and more housing in downtown

My dream home
..overlooks the ocean somewhere.

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