Reuben Rentas


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Georgia Southern University (Master of Accountancy), University of Georgia (Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting)

Cycling, grilling (Big Green Egg fan) and photography

Favorite hangout spot
Any bike lane or bike path/trail in Portland

Car, bike or bus
Primarily via bike, frequently via bus, but definitely via Vespa when the weather is right.

Fondest childhood memory
Snow-tubing with my parents in Utah.

My (past or present) nickname
Sandwich (although I’m not a huge fan of sauerkraut)

Time of day I’m most creative
Early morning (before 8am). This is also when I am the most productive.

Favorite restaurant
The Optimist (Atlanta) and still deciding for Portland.

Preferred radio station
The Coffee House, BPM or Chill (SiriusXM)

My dream home
Craftsman style bungalow within walking/biking distance to all of my favorite in-town destinations. There should also be a space to grill.


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