Deana Mabry


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Marylhurst University (BFA Interior Design)

Top 3 travel destinations
Big Sur (feels like a Bond movie), Bob Marshall Wilderness (feels like true wilderness), Cinque Terre (feels like a postcard)

Architectural influencers
My mom

Favorite hangout spot
Our shared neighborhood courtyard (AKA gazebo of friendship)

Car, bike or bus
A balance of bike, bus and feet, just enough to make each feel like a treat

Fondest childhood memory
Making forts and tracking wildlife near the Mt Hood Nat’l forest

Favorite nonprofit
Too many to choose from…PYB, SMYRC, City repair, Street roots, Woman in Trades, RACC

Time of day I’m most creative
Anytime I am well fed and caffeinated

My dream home
One close to my family and friends

One thing that would improve our city
Efforts to not price out artist and weirdos

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