Amber Ghory


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Rhode Island School of Design (BFA in Interior Architecture and Bachelor of Interior Architecture)

Top 3 travel destinations
I’ve been to Peru, Hong Kong and Paris

Painting, sketching, baking, thinking of my next creative outlet, hiking, backpacking, to name a few.

Car, bike or bus

Bluebeam or Adobe Reader
Definitely Bluebeam

Fondest childhood memory
I have always been fond of animals and used to collect them as a child. I had five turtles, five rabbits, two lovebirds, and a little mouse as pets, but I would also pick up “found” animals and such off the street and take them home. I remember bringing home stray kittens, pigeons, a frog and beetles. My mother was always afraid of what I would walk in the door with next.

Time of day I’m most creative
Any time really. Sometimes I dream of creative ideas in my sleep! I try to write them time down when I wake up as long as I can remember them.

Preferred radio station
The National and Otis Redding stations on Pandora

Pets/animals I own
A silver tabby named Lion-O (yes, from Thundercats)

My dream home
Something cozy and organic with creative “nooks” to crawl into, derived from nature. This could be a tiny house of some sort.

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